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New Carrier Ranking System is Launched!

Posted by Natalie DeCario on September 25, 2014 at 3:39 PM
Natalie DeCario

Yesterday we released a new Carrier Ranking System that allows our ustomers to view detailed information about each of our carriers Origination, Termination and Porting. The rankings are based on the behavior of the carriers over the past 6 months, as well as a user ranking feature that allows customers to give 1-5 stars based on their experience. This feature is designed to help customers make the best decision for which carriers to use when porting, ordering, or purchasing DIDs.


New Carrier Ranking System

The key metrics that are included in the new Carrier Ranking System were strategically chosen by our team based on the value they add for our customers. When looking at the Origination section, you can see how many outages the carrier has had, how many public tickets are open and the percentage of their Origination Minutes that VoIP Innovations uses.

When looking at the Termination portion of the ranks, customers are able to see where each carrier stands with ASR as compared to other carriers. Just like for Origination, the percentage of that carriers Termination Minutes used by VoIP Innovations is also listed. The last metrics that is listed in the Carrier Ranking System is Porting. Customers can see the average time to port and completed ports. These are very important metrics that customers look for when they’re trying to decide which carriers are best for their business.

All of these metrics are available to customers wherever a carrier name is mentioned. This is possible today because last year we started displaying the underlying carrier names. The Carrier Ranking System was developed to ensure that customers could have easy access to the information no matter where they are in the BackOffice. As a wholesale VoIP services provider, we are dedicated to developing features and functionalities, like this one, that make our customers more empowered business owners.

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