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"Originating Profit" Get the eBook to Build a Successful VoIP Business

Posted by Daniel McFarland on November 30, 2015 at 12:00 PM
Daniel McFarland

eBookShadow-1.png“When I look back at the difficult times, I remind myself that I used to be the type of person who had to learn things the hard way. As a child, if my mom told me not to touch something hot, I had to touch it to see for myself. After living much of my entrepreneurial life in this manner, it finally occurred to me that there had to be a better way.” – Jason Tapolci, President and CEO of VoIP Innovations.

Despite being occasionally burned by a shoddy deal or falling victim to brief mishaps, Jason Tapolci continued his stride, improved the business model of VoIP Innovations by leaps and bounds, and transformed his company into a wholesale VoIP industry leader.

Inspired by the teachings of “Scaling Up”, by Verne Harnish, Tapolci's eBook, “Originating Profit: Overcoming Challenges in VoIP Entrepreneurship”, shares how he turned VoIP Innovations into a success. Available for free from VoIP Innovations, you can download your own copy of “Originating Profit” in PDF format.

Overcoming Your Business Struggles

growthDeliverySupport.png“Originating Profit: Overcoming Challenges in VoIP Entrepreneurship”, is Tapolci's guide to applying Harnish's three key phases of business development, Growth, Support, and Delivery, to the VoIP industry. Each section of this eBook can be easily replicated and applied to not only VoIP, but to any business venture.

The eBook begins by explaining the general purpose of the three phases. Each phase must practice clear communication amongst each other in order to work efficiently. The faster you move through each phase, from Growth to Delivery, from Delivery to Support, and from Support back to Growth, the quicker your company will grow as a whole. 

The Growth Phase

This is where the cycle begins. During the Growth phase, you create strategies to differentiate your product, find new contacts through marketing promotions, and make deals through sales.

According to Tapolci, “The foundation to any business is strategy.” Your strategy must consist of identifying and solving “pain points” of your business as well as finding ways to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Tapolci says, “Identifying a particular pain point in your market and finding a way to solve that pain point is the key to success and growth. However, identifying and solving a pain is only two-thirds of the equation, the other third is having a differentiator, or something that your competitors have trouble replicating.”

The Delivery Phase

The second phase in the upscaling cycle is Delivery. This consists of delivering the exact product you promised to your customers in the Growth phase. During this phase, many companies fail due to poor strategy.

Tapolci explains, “Companies with poor or no strategies often target everyone in a particular market; they offer everything to everyone.”

Tapolci further states that starting at the Delivery phase without a strategy can be a “death sentence” for a company, “The old adage “build it and they will come” doesn’t work like it did in Field of Dreams. By starting with the Delivery stage you are asking developers, engineers and IT people to have a crystal ball about your market and to guess where you want to go.”  

While delivering your product, you must go by the strategy that was creating during the Growth phase. Otherwise, you'll be sitting with a product without any clear plan on how to deliver it.

The Support Phase

The final phase in the scaling cycle is the Support phase. Once the product is delivered to the customer, a support team is needed to assist in customer service. As your business grows, more strain will be placed onto your support team. VoIP Innovations continually develops new software to ease the workflow on support. While it’s commonplace to hire new employees to handle the larger workflow, the result can be costly.

Tapolci explains, “The problem with adding people to deal with the added workflow is that you will never be able to scale your business while growing your margins.”

For companies that may not have the time or technical know-how to develop new software, Tapolci recommends “coming up with short-term and long-term plans. Your short-term plan might be to hire someone or dedicate someone to address the immediate issue, but your long-term plan should be to build a piece of software that automates this process.” 

Bringing it All Together

As you move through each phase of the scaling cycle, you have to continue to come up with ways to streamline the process. Tapolci attributes his success to the in-house development of technological applications to efficiently move through each phase and generate a larger bottom line. It all comes down to decreasing spending with efficiency.

How to Get the eBook

The full version of “Originating Profit: Overcoming Challenges in VoIP Entrepreneurship” will provide a more comprehensive look into the three phases of “scaling up” and how Jason Tapolci used these practices to find success through VoIP Innovations. To download the entire eBook, click the button below for your free copy.

Download "Originating Profit" eBook


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