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Porting Your Number in Three Simple Steps

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on November 30, 2016 at 8:57 AM

You’ve decided to switch providers and have checked with your “winning” carrier and learned that your number is in fact portable (in other words, you can reassign your existing fixed-line or mobile number to your new provider). You’ve done all the pre-port preparation—all information is gathered and forms are filled out—and you’re ready to get started.

Here are three simple steps for porting your number and getting on with business as usual:

1.) Provide a copy of the bill, dated within the last 30 days 

number porting.png

Make sure that the bill copy has the TN (Telephone Number), address and customer name listed on it. Other information on the bill copy can include services purchased, main account information and any others numbers associated with the account.


2.) Include a copy of the CSR (Customer Service Record), if available 

Obtaining this from your losing carrier is ideal for seamlessly moving forward with your number port. Beware that depending on your former provider, this may not be readily available, if at all. And CLECs or ILECs should be able to get you a copy of your CSR; however, if for any reason you can’t obtain a copy of your CSR and/or bill copy, be sure to provide your account number in a note.

3.) Provide instructions on what to do with remaining numbers on the account (for partial ports only) 

If the BTN (Billing Telephone Number) is being ported away, provide a new BTN for the remaining numbers on the account along with instructions for any other steps to take.

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