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Quiz: Does Your VoIP Provider Pass the Number Porting Test?

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on February 25, 2015 at 10:00 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

We've made sure to pump you full of porting information over the last few posts. First we let you know five number porting tools your VoIP provider should be using and then we told you 10 easy steps for successful number porting. Today we're wrapping up our porting series with something fun for you--a quiz. It's time to find out if your VoIP provider passes the number porting test!

It's easy. Simply answer each question with a YES or a NO. Answer 7 or more questions with a YES, and congratulations, you pass!

1)      Does your VoIP provider have a number portability test?

2)      Does your VoIP provider have an online port submission tool?

3)      Does your VoIP provider allow you to select which underlying carrier (ULC) when submitting a port?

4)      Does your VoIP provider allow you to select number/DID features (E911, CNAM, 411, caller ID) when submitting a port?

5)      Does your VoIP provider allow you to manage number ports through your VoIP provider’s portal?

6)      Does your VoIP provider alert you when a port status changes?

7)      Does your VoIP provider automatically provision ported numbers to your account? 

8)      Does your VoIP provider have a dedicated number porting team?

9)      Does your VoIP provider assign you a dedicated number porting specialist?

10)    Does your current VoIP provider offer an API for seamless integration? 

Okay, let's tally up those YES's and NO's...

1 YES = 10%        (Run away fast…You need a new VoIP Provider)

2 YES's = 20%      (Keep running… You still need a new VoIP Provider)

3 YES's = 30%      (Your VoIP Provider failed)

4 YES's = 40%      (Better but still a failing grade)

5 YES's = 50%      (Your VoIP Provider is half bad)

6 YES's = 60%      (Your VoIP Provider is only slightly better than half bad)

7 YES's = 70%      (Your VoIP Provider passes, but barely)

8 YES's = 80%      (Your VoIP Provider is on the right track)

9 YES's = 90%      (Your VoIP Provider is doing great)

10 YES's = 100%   (You must use VoIP Innovations!!)

How did you do? Does your VoIP Provider measure up? If not, then the time may be find a new VoIP Provider o'clock.
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