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Quiz: How Well Does Your VoIP Billing System Monitor Sales?

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on July 7, 2015 at 11:53 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

We love quizzes around here. They’re simple, fun, easy, and sometimes you just want a quick answer to your “Am I on the right track?” or “Is this right for me?” questions. Well, we have a quiz for you today—it’s all about figuring out if your current billing system monitors sales well. Think about it, if it’s not monitoring sales correctly, how are you to even know how much revenue you’re making? The right VoIP billing system will clearly reveal that and all of the analytics you need to know. So go ahead and take this quiz. Simply answer yes or no! 

1. Does it produce invoices?

2. Does it produce a revenue report?

3. Does it produce an aged-receivables report?

4. Does the system handle multiple payments? (PayPal, credit cards, checks, etc.)

5. Does your system handle different revenue streams? (for different products sold)

6. Does it compare the differences between sales and costs?

7. Does it have a reconciliation report?

8. Does it track inventory?

9. Is it scalable? (to modify as needed as the business changes)

10. Does it send out payment notices if customer hasn’t paid?


0-2 Yes’sOh dear. Really? The most 'yes' answers you could muster were two? This is not good. Not good at all. This isn't golf; low scores are not ideal here. But we know of an award-winning billing system you should check out...

3-5 Yes’sHmmm, you have a low score, but you're almost up to halfway to a perfect 10. Keyword: halfway. You don't want to be halfway to success. You don't want half the revenue you should be getting. You don't want half of a piece of cake. Half is not good! 

6-7 Yes’s = You're definitely in the middle of the pack. This is the equivalent of a C student. You have potential but you're not applying yourself. Aim a little bit higher. Go after the billing system that will get you to be an A+ student and a better business owner. 

8-9 Yes’s = You are oh-so-close. Don't be that person pining after the one who got away. We're right here. So within your grasp. You should probably make the switch now and enjoy that "happily ever after".

10 Yes’s = Raise your right arm, bend it behind you at the elbow and pat yourself on the back. You received a perfect score! Your billing system does all of the above and more, so clearly you must use VoIP Innovations! 

Thanks for playing along with us today. If you have a few moments, go ahead and check out our new free online demo of our industry-leading wholesale VoIP BackOffice. Click below to give it a try!
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