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Enable SMS on Off-Net Numbers!

Posted by Natalie DeCario on October 2, 2017 at 3:16 PM
Natalie DeCario

Starting today you can enable SMS services on any number, including ones 
not on our network! You can also choose from several delivery options including API POST/GET, email, SIP, or forwarding of the SMS to another number.

VoIP Innovations Offers Off-Net SMS

Off-net SMS services are being offered in addition to our existing on-net numbers. Pricing for this new SMS service is as follows: 75¢ per month registration fee, $0.0085 per message for SMS, MMS capability coming soon and will be priced at $.03/message (Please note that $.03 is the correct pricing for MMS).

“With the increase in adults that grew up with cell phones, SMS is becoming a larger part of the world's real-time communication,” said CEO of VoIP Innovations, David Walsh. “With a record 77% of Americans now owning a smartphone, SMS communication will soon become as important as email communication. It’s entirely possible that customers are trying to reach you via SMS right now.”

If you're ready to start receiving SMS messaging on your numbers, we offer a number of different delivery methods that allow you to customize your service. From email forwarding and SIP messaging, to an API call, the ability to choose your delivery method will allow integration to most existing systems.

We can help you start receiving messages that you may be missing. Just log into your account and click SMS > Add New DID and then check the 'Off-Network' box. 

Off-Net SMS DIDs at VoIP Innovations

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