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Why You Should Step Inside Our End User Portal

Posted by Cody M. Ferenchak on July 5, 2016 at 3:15 PM
Cody M. Ferenchak


VoIP Innovations has been known for its innovative and award winning features within its BackOffice, Titanium III. Every so often we like to shine some light on these features to make you aware of the attributes that exist in our platform to save you time and promote efficiency for you and your customers.office-925806_960_720.png

Today we’re going to put our End User Portal on “center-stage” and explain how your business can benefit from its many uses.


Step Inside Our End User Experience: 

We’ve created our End User Portal so VoIP resellers and ITSPs can empower their end users by having more authority over their VoIP services. All of this will have the result of you saving your most valuable asset--time! How is this possible? By allowing your end users have the ability to make changes on their own, you’ll be able to pass the “heavy lifting” onto them. Ultimately, this empowers your customers to have the ability to manage their own services. This means they have the power to update Caller ID, change E911 information, and most importantly--order and manage DIDs in one platform. Of course though, the ITSP and resellers will maintain control over what actions the end users can take in their account by being able to assign rights and what services they can actually edit--so don't worry about that!

When asked the reason for creating such a powerful platform to empower end users, Jason Tapolci, President of VoIP Innovations, said; “Before creating the End User Portal, we all questioned ourselves here--how do we go about empowering your end users, specifically, if you’re a VoIP reseller or ITSP? How can we empower them to save you time?” He continued, “That’s why we created our Brandable portal; to allow ITSPs and VoIP resellers to log into the portal and manage their own services.”

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At VoIP Innovations we want to provide as many features to the end user as possible to make them more in touch with their services. These features include:

  • Allow your customers to manage their own services
  • Control what services their end users can view and manage
  • Assign logins and rights for their end users
  • Display a branded portal to your customers

Want even better news? The End User Portal is free for wholesale customers and only $50 per month for enterprise customers.

Commitment is tough; we get it. If you’re not already a VoIP Innovations' customer, please sign up for a Free Trial and receive a $5 credit on your account. This will allow you to test drive our services to see if our award-winning BackOffice features align with your goals.

Whether or not you’re already a VoIP reseller partnered with us, it’s time to take a step toward bettering your End User VoIP management today!



Want To Learn More? 

So what’s your next step? If you’re already a customer and would like to learn more about utilizing our End User Portal download our eFlyer below! Not a customer? Sign up today or treat yourself to the free trial in the link above! It's your time to save time all while making your customers feel in control.


Download our End User eFlyer


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