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T38Fax Partnership Details

Posted by Natalie DeCario on July 14, 2017 at 9:26 AM
Natalie DeCario

As you all know, earlier this week we announced our partnership with T38Fax. We received such a high interest in this partnership that we wanted to follow it up with a more detailed explanation of what this partnership means for our customers. 

We chose to work with T38Fax because it is owned and operated by fax professionals who consistently provide high quality fax services. They bring years of experience to the table and are focused solely on providing top-notch fax services.


In a statement from our Operations Manager, Randy Stegner, "Are you having issues with faxing inbound on a particular DID? Porting to T38Fax might be the solution you need." The great thing about this partnership is that little to no change is required; you don’t need to purchase additional equipment, manage through a new portal, or make sweeping changes because only inbound or only outbound is an issue for you. If inbound is working great but you have issues with outbound, simply contact your account manager for the new rate deck and send your traffic over that deck. If your current outbound solution is working great for you, but you have inbound issues, port the DID over to the new vendor and you'll likely see immediate improvement in completion rates.

Their fax service utilizes an Error Correction Mode (ECM) which has not been supported on our network until now. ECM has a large impact in quality control and completion percentage. The inclusion of this feature is necessary to provide high quality FoIP services that our customers deserve.

Please note, while we have seen a very high increase in completion rate (85% to 100%) with our Email-to-Fax product, there are still a lot of possible points of failure when it comes to faxing. Luckily, they have been wonderful to work with and their experience has enabled them to track down precisely what is causing your fax failures.

We have added T38Fax as a carrier that you are able to port numbers to in the BackOffice. To start moving your numbers today, simply login to your BackOffice account and then go to Porting > Submit LNP. Currently you are only able to port in these numbers as they are not available for purchasing. 

T38Fax is also available for outbound calling (Termination). Contact a Sales Rep today to get the service enabled on your account. Please note that this service is for fax only. Voice traffic will not work.

Don't forget that we're offering Free Porting on all Local DIDs until July 31st! 

Free Porting at VoIP Innovations until July 31, 2017


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