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TADHack-mini 2019: Inventive Use Cases for Voice, SMS, and WebRTC

Posted by Natalie DeCario on March 18, 2019 at 11:36 AM
Natalie DeCario

Yesterday we completed another fantastic TADHack-mini event in Orlando, Florida. The event began Saturday morning and wrapped up Sunday with pitches and awards. There were seven participating teams this year and four of them utilized our CPaaS product, Apidaze.

This year's TADHack-mini event came at an impeccable time as just last week we launched the VoIP Innovations Showroom. The VI Showroom is the industry's first CPaaS marketplace built for channel partners, resellers, and developers. Channel partners and resellers have the ability to white label the VI Showroom and resell a branded version to their customers. Developers can build their apps or services on Apidaze and distribute them through the VI Showroom to reach hundreds of thousands of enterprises via our network of 2000 clients. 

Congratulations to the 2019 TADHack-mini winners!




SaveMe is an application designed to record and send video, audio, and location data in emergencies. The team said that they envisioned situations where people in political demonstrations would have their phones confiscated while trying to stream the situation to social media. The app would then run in the background and stream video to a predesignated list of contacts.  This hack uses Apidaze's WebRTC video capabilities. 

View pitch here.



CallNection is a matchmaking service that anonymously connects users based on their profile criteria. Once you create your profile via SMS, you dial the main line and get connected to a random person who matches your interests. This hack uses Apidaze voice API capabilities. 

View pitch here.



CityAssistant is a voice and messaging application that allows you to make the most of your data while traveling. Simply call or text the number for translations, directions, simple questions, and even generic medication names.  This hack uses Apidaze voice API capabilities. 

 View pitch here.




iApprove is an SMS-based talent sourcing application. Candidates will create a profile which triggers a SMS alert to the hiring manager. The hiring manager can approve or deny the profile, making for a quicker recruitment process.

View pitch here.


And here are a few additional pics from the weekend...


All the teams that used Apidaze

All VI Winners

All participants in TADHack-mini

TADHack Group Shot

The VI team introducing their technology.

Nat, Joe, Harold

Joe Aponick helping team "CallNection" 

Joe working with devs

Everyone is hard at work.

Hacking in progress


Hugh, Natalie, Joe



If you'd like to test out our APIs or learn more about the VI Showroom, contact us today.

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