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Take Charge of Your Product: Control Your VoIP Business

Posted by Daniel McFarland on October 22, 2015 at 2:49 PM
Daniel McFarland

"There are so many worlds, and I have not yet conquered even one."

– quote on Alexander the Great, Plutarch.

For Alexander, control was everything. Conquering all and uniting everything under one flag was his goal. Upon hearing that there were an infinite amount of worlds that existed in the universe, he wept. Although he conquered so much, there was still much to be had. In the business world, you too should keep that mindset. Be a conqueror, grow your empire, and stay in control.


When running a VoIP business, just how much control do you really have? Yes, you may be the owner of your business, the master of your domain, but if you aren’t in control of every aspect of your business, your operation could be lacking in efficiency. Once you improve the overall efficiency of your business, you can then focus on growing and obtaining new business.

We already went over how receiving Choice and Automation from your wholesale provider can benefit your business. One last thing you need when managing a VoIP business, if not the most important, is having Control over your product. The following are three ways you can assume more control over your business.

Assigning and Managing Groups and Clients

A great commander must have his ranks organized and possess complete knowledge of all of his assets. You must control your business in the same manner by tracking your clients and assigning the services they consume.

Organize groups and services in a BackOffice.Organizing Endpoint Groups in a BackOffice.

A BackOffice will easily allow you to organize your VoIP services into groups, such as DIDs, E911, carriers, and endpoints. With a few clicks more, you can instantly view their revenue projections and profit margin metrics and assign service groups to your clients.

By assigning groups to clients, you will have an overview of each one of your customers. You will be able to view their service portfolio and accurately analyze their costs, usage, and other key metrics. 

Analyzing and Navigating Dashboards

To stay in control, you must always be vigilant to your performance metrics of your business. Using virtual dashboards with customizable widgets through a BackOffice will allow you to view all of the data you need to measure your business’ performance and revenue projections.

Client_Drill_Down_Billing_LinkAn example of a billing breakdown report.

If you haven’t been tracking and measuring the performance of your company, you need to get started now. Carefully observing your company’s revenue, client data, and service reports will help you find where your shortcomings are and what needs improvement. 

Distributing Brandable End User Portals

The massive size of the Roman Empire proved to become too unwieldy for one government to uphold, essentially leading to its downfall. As your business grows, you might need to distribute some of yours so you don’t become overwhelmed with operational tasks. Check with your wholesale VoIP provider to see if they offer a platform that allows your clients to manage some of their services on their own.

EUEmpower your clients with an End User Portal.

With a Brandable End User Portal, your client will get to claim some ownership of the services they receive. Tech savvy end users can add, edit, and delete the services they purchased all under the name of their own brand. Well-crafted End User Portals will allow you to limit the amount of accessibility your clients, so you still have control over how freely they can customize their services.

You will gain complete control over your VoIP business by taking advantage of a BackOffice platform. Manage your business your way and stay in control by creating and assigning groups and clients, analyzing reports and dashboards, and distributing a Brandable End User Portal.

Try VoIP Innovations' BackOffice, Titanium III, for Choice, Automation, and Control and revolutionize the way you manage your business.

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