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Telecommunications Search Trends: Where are they going?

Posted by Natalie DeCario on October 30, 2014 at 12:02 PM
Natalie DeCario

Ever hear of BYOD? No, we’re not talking about the more commonly known BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer). We’re talking about Bring Your Own Device! Did you know what according to Google Trends, BYOD has been trending at a much higher level than the more well-known terms such as videoconferencing? Since many more organizations are allowing employees to integrate their personal mobile devices into the IT infrastructure, this has become a popular theme in today’s VoIP search trends. Let’s discuss some other highly unique search items that are floating around the internet right now, shall we?

Software Advice, a free resource for VoIP providers, compiled some fantastic research in a piece called Trending VoIP Terms Reflect Market Shifts.  In this research they uncover a wide variety of market trends ranging from over-the-top (OTT) apps to Internet Protocol Private Brand Exchanges (IP PBXs) to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) to Unified Communications (UC). The information they’ve complied is a great resource for those who are ready to jump head first into the VoIP industry. They’ll gain an understanding of how the market has transformed over the years and how it’s going to constantly be changing for years to come.

Why don’t we get down in the weeds with some of the highlights of the Software Advice research? Cloud technology is truly shaping the way that business use their software and VoIP technology is not immune to that shift. When looking at the most common telecommunications search trends over the past few years, you can see that “Communications as a service” and “Unified Messaging” are two of the most recent ones. That has everything to do with the fact that business are “adopting managed solutions that deliver communications as a service, rather than as a piece of equipment that demands an experienced IT team to install and maintain.” Take a look at this list of telecommunications terms which are ranked according to peaks in their popularity.


Daniel Harris, the Market Research Associate at Software Advice who conducted this research, talked with influencers from Fonality, TelePacific Communications and IntelePeer about where they think the market is going with Hosted PBX and on-premise IP PBX solutions. Most of their arguments revolved around the size of the businesses looking to implement the system.

David Zahn, TelePacific Communications, said that on-premis systems are still the most popular with larger companies while Charles Studt, IntelePeer says that the economic benefits of a hosted solution are what will make for a better choice for smaller companies. Although, when looking at the Google Trends results, we can see that it’s looking as though the traditional on-premise IP PBXs are falling in popularity to Hosted PBX solutions.  As an added bonus for you, take a look at a great post we featured on our blog called VoIP PBX Systems – The future of Business Communications.

I want to switch gears and talk more about business phone systems and mobile devices. When talking about business phone systems, it’s clear that features and pricing are at the top of everyone’s lists. Zahn puts it perfectly, “Incorporating instant messaging, softphones and video calling with hosted PBX service has certainly changed what customers expect from their phone systems,” he says. “There has also been a heavy push from customers to include all features [for each user] for a single price, whether they will be used or not.”

Sure features and pricing are a huge deal, but interoperability between companies is also a huge topic right now. UC makes it easy to implement communications tools within a company, but federated communications is the future of this industry. While the technical challenges of accomplishing this are very present, working together as an industry will result in a much higher return on investment (ROI) for everyone involved. Last year we wrote a great article on Calculating VoIP ROI. You should check that out!

In moving forward with the Software Advice research, we can see that the term “mobility client” has increased dramatically in popularity in recent years. A mobility client is what allows UC features such as videoconferencing, unified presence across devices and call recording to be extended to mobile devices. Are you seeing the connection back to BYOD? Grasshopper, for example, utilizes the BYOD solution for small businesses by allowing them to run their phone systems entirely on cell phones. As stated by their Ambassador of Buzz, Taylor Alderdge, “our system isn’t tied to a physical phone, but whatever forwarding number you enter that works for you.” Check out this graph showing the Relative Popularity of UC Features as Search Terms to get an idea of how these terms are performing. 


This research goes much more in depth on WebRTC, VoIP Security Measures and SIP Trunks but you’re just going to have to visit their report to get the full look. From what we outlined here, the telecommunications industry is definitely going to see some changes in the coming years. We’re going to be shifting away from the clucky equipment we’re used to dealing with and we’re going to be implementing BYOD plans, but it’s all going to mean growth and stability for our industry. VoIP is a solution that can be applied to many different facets of the everyday world. We see VoIP popping up in retail businesses and even the healthcare industry, but it serves a very distinct purpose everywhere it’s found providing cost-effective communication solutions to businesses big or small.

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