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The DID Wizard: An Innovative Way to Order and Stock DIDs

Posted by Daniel McFarland on January 19, 2016 at 10:30 AM
Daniel McFarland

VI_Icon-4.pngToday, we are proud to announce our newest features on our BackOffice, the Personal Inventory and DID configuration Wizard. The DID Wizard was created to streamline the DID ordering and configuration process. The DID inventory provides you with your very own personal inventory that allows you to set rules for automated DID replenishment or to reserve a DID and notify you. We believe that the Wizard has made it easier than ever to order and configure DIDs in the newly designed user interface. Jason Tapolci, President of VoIP Innovations had a few things to say about the DID Wizard release.

To stay true to being an innovative DID origination carrier, we now have an innovative way for our customers to purchase, configure, and manage their DIDs.” Tapolci went on to say, “Everything we build must align with our Brand Promise to provide Choice, Automation and Control to save our customers time; the Wizard does just that.”

Ordering DIDs

With the Wizard, you can place a DID order in five easy steps: Search, Select Features, View Results, Back Order, and then Purchase. Each step is shown at the top of the screen to guide you through the process. You can even click a step to review your choices or make changes.

Now, let’s take a quick look at how the DID Wizard works.

 Step 1. Search by Location

First, choose the type of DID that you would like to purchase. You will have the option to choose from Local DIDs, Toll-Free Numbers, Vanity Numbers, or International DIDs.

Now, you can enter information into the Wizard to find DIDs by location. The Wizard will find DIDs based on the State, Rate Center, Area Code, and Zip that you enter. You can even enter the amount of DIDs you would like to purchase.

From here, you can proceed to choosing the features you want for your DIDs, going right into viewing the search results.

Step 2. Select DID Features

This step will allow you to filter your results based upon features that you would like your DIDs to include and by network. If you would like your DIDs to include caller ID (CNAM), fax (T38), or text messaging (SMS), then look no further! Do you have a refined taste for VoIP networks? Here you can choose your preferred network.

Step 3. View DID Results

Here, the Wizard will show you the available DIDs based on the criteria that you have entered. You can see what features the DIDs have available and choose which numbers you would like based by tier. If you don’t have a preference, choose your DIDs from the “All Tiers” tab, and then either buy them now or add them to your Personal Inventory.

Choosing the “Buy DIDs Now” will place your selected DIDs into your account immediately, but they will not become active until you configure them (more on that later).

Choosing to add DIDs to your Personal Inventory will allow you to hold onto your inactive DIDs for future use. When you are ready to activate your DIDs, you must place them into Any DIDs in Personal Inventory will not be live until they are placed into the Active DIDs area.

Step 4. Back Order DIDs

Couldn’t find the DIDs you were looking for? This step will allow you to place a back order on DIDs that weren’t in stock. Your BackOrder will be filled by our Provisioning team as soon as possible.

Step 5. Purchases

Finally, the final step will show you all of this will be the last step, which will display all of your new DID purchases, Inventoried DIDs, and Back Ordered DIDs. You can also configure and activate your DIDs from here now or save that step for later. Whatever you decide to do, our newly designed configuration page will make this an easy process.

Configuring DIDs

The DID Configuration Wizard will have your DIDs activated and ready to go in no time. Once you’ve selected the DIDs you want to configure, the Wizard will open a window and allow you to enable any features you might need, such as caller ID, 411, e911, fax-to-email, conference lines, and more!

Personal Inventory


This is a feature new to the VoIP wholesale industry. Our Personal Inventory will allow you to purchase DIDs, then keep them inactive for future use.

The Personal Inventory includes an auto-fill feature to ensure that you never run out of DIDs. Your Personal Inventory will be automatically filled with DIDs based on certain rules and parameters that you set.

inventory_Wiz2.pngBy setting rules, you can choose which DIDs will be automatically ordered based upon Type, Location, and Features. You can also opt to receive an email notification to review the DID when it becomes available before you decide to enter it into your inventory.

There you have it, everything you need to know about our new DID Wizard! If you would like to try the DID Wizard out for yourself, sign up for a free trial today. A demonstration of the DID Wizard will be held at TMCnet’s ITEXPO in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida when VoIP Innovations exhibits January 26-28. We hope to see you there at Booth 615!  




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