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The Fabulous World of Cloud Computing

Posted by Jenny Richards on September 15, 2015 at 9:44 AM

 platter-to-heaven-1241931The main objective of cloud computing is, undoubtedly, interconnectivity between multiple devices via a securely accessed network. This facilitates rapid global communication at incredible levels of security. Wirelessly connecting to the cloud through tablets, mobiles and such other devices implies that access to stored data is not restricted to the desktop alone.

Businesses can stay online 24/7. Thus, important documents and files can be accessed anytime, anywhere and most importantly with the highest degree of security. One fantastic advantage of cloud storage is that loss of any data should not be a cause of concern and would not pose any threat to your business.

Your important files or documents are stored remotely in a secure data center where regular backups are done. The cloud is known to be relatively less prone to risks and disaster as compared to other local storage.

4 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Cloud Computing

The technology sector is progressing by leaps and bounds, and it is definitely important for you to ensure that your knowledge is upgraded and up-to-date. You should be abreast with all the latest trends and developments, including those taking place in the arena of cloud computing. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider the cloud:

1) Access Anywhere and Anytime

There is no need to carry a huge external hard drive whenever you are traveling. You can now have easy access to your complete lead generation information and data anywhere, anytime as per your requirements. From generating a report to accessing any contact information, all can be achieved as long as you have Internet Connectivity. Visit Mesu Solutions for expert opinion.

Moreover, since documents are directly stored onto the cloud, you or anyone who has the permission, may simultaneously access data and documents and carry on working on the same project. This eliminates time loss, and your important documents would not be found in numerous untraceable versions.

2) Avoid Risks and Disasters

Business organizations that have adopted cloud technologies have mitigated their risk of data loss and do not need to keep a disaster relief plan ready as a backup. That is because all documents and files are saved instantaneously in the external cloud. You no longer face the dreaded risk of losing any lead information.

Moreover, businesses that function on a cloud can resolve issues around four times quicker than those companies, who do not. This is not only money-saving, but time-saving for your clients.

3) Eco-friendly Option

Make your business eco-friendly by storing data on the cloud. Several medium or small companies need to use many more servers to get their job done. Server utilization rates tend to be 5 to 10 percent in comparison to cloud utilization rate that tends to be in the 70 percent range. Cloud computing helps to eliminate in-house servers and therefore, does not necessitate constant climate control that is mandatory in case of maintaining servers for elimination of carbon footprints.

4) Security is the Key to Success

Finally, all your information is stored in a secured, virtual database, and requires some sort of identification to enable access. No longer will you have your sensitve documents physically available for unwelcome eyes. Therefore, cloud computing is one of the most secured option for storing your valuable business leads, as well as important sales information.

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Today's article is a guest post contribution from Jenny Richards. 

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