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The Five Stages of Skipping the End User Portal

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on September 28, 2016 at 10:03 AM

As a telecom reseller, one of the most significant parts of your job is to provide your end users with the ultimate portal experience. Above all, your portal should be customized and unique to your brand, ensuring an enjoyable and personalized experience.

So, what happens if you pass up the VoIP Innovations' end user portal? In our experience working with innumerable resellers, the after effects can look a little like this:

Denial: First, resellers deny the reality of the situation. They’ll try to rationalize how they feel by denying or hiding from the facts of the matter (in this case, that an awesome, brandable end user portal could have significantly improved your business).

End_User_Portal.pngAnger: Once resellers can no longer rationalize the situation, they may begin to feel angry. Of course, they are the only one to blame for this outcome; perhaps their anger is inadvertently directed at themselves due to their inability to make a better decision.

Bargaining: Driven by feelings of helplessness, resellers may try to make a bargain with their existing provider in order to go back and erase the damage that has been done. 

Depression: This kind of depression is more logical than emotional. For example, the depression resellers feel in knowing they’re not actively working to deliver a better customer experience as a trusted thought leader.

Acceptance: This is not to be mistaken for feelings of normalcy; rather, the reseller has simply accepted its decision and the need to move on.

Sound familiar? Okay, this may be a bit dramatic, but just know that you don’t have to feel regret forever. You can always hop on board with our Brandable End User Portal in order to capitalize on all of the benefits you missed out on before. Check out more here.

So how does our End User Portal work? Click below!

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