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Top 10 List: What You Should Demand From Your Wholesale VoIP Provider

Posted by Daniel McFarland on October 8, 2015 at 11:42 AM
Daniel McFarland

As an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider), the best way to get into the hearts of your end users and for your business to grow is to choose a wholesale provider that can offer you unique and useful services. There are many wholesale providers out there, but choosing the best one for managing your own ITSP will take a little bit of research. For this month’s Top 10, we’ll be going over the questions you should ask before choosing a wholesale VoIP provider.

Ask the right questions before choosing a wholesale VoIP provider.

The 3 Standards for Wholesale VoIP Services

A good wholesale provider will grant you three things: Choice, Automation, and Control. Within these three categories, we have arranged the 10 questions you should ask when selecting a wholesale VoIP provider for your ITSP.


1. Can I choose my ULCs? – In a previous post, we went over what it means to choose a ULC. With that post in mind, ask yourself this: “Do I have the ability to access dozens of the industry’s leading carriers without the hassle of multiple agreements and monthly minimums?” Your provider should allow you to streamline your operational process without giving up your flexibility.    

2. Can I choose my DIDs features? – There is so much you can do with your DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing) and each of your end users are unique, so tailoring DID features (E911, Caller ID, 411, Fax, SMS) for your customers is a must. As for the customers whose businesses greatly rely on incoming calls, adjusting DID features on the fly and in real-time is equally as important.

3. Can I choose on-net and off-net E911 services for my DIDs? – If you use multiple ULCs then chances are you are juggling E911 services from multiple providers.  Try using a carrier that offers the ability to register off-net DIDs with their E911 services for organization and convenience.

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4. Is your number porting automated? – As advanced as VoIP services are, the Achilles heel of the industry remains to be number porting.  Even today, most ULCs operate in the world of paper and fax.  If this is you, now is the time to go green and find a provider that offers a paperless number porting solution.  Digital porting comes with automation, and this will save you mountains of time and errors.

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5. Can DIDs be purchased and provisioned online and in real-time? – It is expensive to purchase and house thousands of DIDs.  Save time and money by selecting a provider that has their own number warehouse and can provision DIDs in real-time.

6. What types of automated alerts do you have? – If the answer is none, move on to the next potential provider. What good is a watchdog if it doesn’t bark at an intruder? Opt for notifications that will alert you to abnormal DID usage, fraudulent activity, and anything that may impact costs.

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7. Can I organize similar services into groups? – Having the ability to categorize like end user services (DIDs, E911, Endpoints) together will provide another layer of visibility and readability into your account organization.

8. Can I organize service groups into a single client overview? – Organizing groups by customer allows you to see an aggregate view of each customer so that you can easily manage your clients.  

9. Do you have a brandable End User portal? – With a brandable End User portal, your customers will do some of the heavy lifting for you, like updating E911, 411, DID features, and so on. Use a brandable End User portal to assign logins and rights to your End User so that you can have more time managing other aspects of your business.

10. What types of account data do you provide? – It is important to have useful account data (reports, dashboards, email notifications) to efficiently and effectively run your business. Analyzing reports will keep you up to date with different trends so that you can evaluate your business structure.  Having access to real-time reports, dashboards and email notifications can dramatically reduce the amount of resources and time needed to manage your VoIP business, while improving areas that may be falling short.

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Whether you are just starting an ITSP or have been in the business for a while, we hope this list has helped you in choosing or evaluating a wholesale VoIP provider. If your wholesale provider follows all these guidelines, you are on the right track to successfully managing your business.

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