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Top Five Questions to Ask when Choosing a Toll-Free Service Provider

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on August 30, 2016 at 9:05 AM

Toll-Free numbers: they’re effective, catchy, and in high-demand. What businesses aren’t so sure about is how they can find a trusted service provider to help them capitalize on the benefits. Here are five crucial questions organizations should ask service providers when shopping around:

  1. Questions_to_Ask_When_Choosing_a_Toll-Free_Service_Provider.png“Who are your underlying carriers?” Your service provider ultimately offers you services from an underlying carrier—either a Tier 1, a Tier 2, or a Tier 3 carrier. To get a better understanding of these different tiers, click here. It’s critical that you understand what underlying carrier your provider is offering in order to receive the best possible QoS.

  2. “Where do you offer services?” Ensure your provider can cover the geographic location of your target audience.

  3. “What types of numbers do you provide?” Contrary to popular belief, 800 numbers today are largely depleted. Instead, there are 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844 numbers to make up for this deficit, as well as a wide range of vanity numbers (1-800-FLOWERS) that are more visually pleasing and memorable for consumers. Find out what kind of numbers your prospective provider offers.

  4. “Can you port your numbers?” Simply put, will this provider allow you to move your numbers to other carriers if you so desire? Keep in mind that porting a Toll-Free number differs from porting a local number in that you’ll have to submit a letter of authorization to do so.

  5. “Do you provide an easy way to manage and analyze your services?” Does your provider offer backend support for you to easily manage and access your services? For example, does your provider offer a dashboard that gives you access to reports, daily task automation, alerts, and key analytics for improvement?

Finding the right provider is crucial from both an operational and strategic standpoint; the provider must offer strong backend support, as well as ensure an excellent customer-facing experience. Keep these five questions top of mind for finding the perfect provider for your organization.

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