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How to Update Your E911 Services

Posted by Daniel McFarland on November 9, 2015 at 10:00 AM
Daniel McFarland

Updating E911 with a BackOffice or an API

E911 just may be the most important DID feature there is. Without E911, you could be setting yourself up for some serious risks when emergency services can’t immediately respond to your 9-1-1 dial. As important as having E911 services registered to your DIDs is, you must be able to effectively manage themin real-time. Today, we’ll be going over two ways you can update your DIDs so you’re ready for any emergency that life might throw your way.

Updating E911 Using a BackOffice

If you’re lucky enough to be working with a VoIP provider that features a BackOffice platform, updating E911 DIDs is a breeze. However, before you start updating your DIDs, you need to make sure your caller ID is provisioned correctly. Having a properly set up caller ID will help you avoid rogue fees and allow emergency respondents to reach your destination more efficiently.

Once you’ve checked the caller ID associated with your number, you’ll be ready to update and customize your E911 preferences. We’ll be using Titanium III to demonstrate the changes you can make for your E911 DID.

Once you’re logged into the BackOffice, click the DIDs tab, then “My 911 DIDs”. The screen will then show you a list of all the DIDs you have registered. 

 Click the DIDs tab to view your DIDs.

To edit your E911 DIDs, click the Pencil/Paper icon.

Edit your DIDs with the Pencil/Paper icon.

This page shows you all the wonderful things you can do with your E911. Here, you can remove your 911 service, add or change locations, and assign alerts to your email address and phone number for text alerts.

Update your E911 service, location, and alert status.

Updating E911 with an API

Another way to update E911 is through an API (Application Program Interface). An API is a developer’s tool used to create software applications. Even if you aren’t an expert programmer, our API can be used to conveniently update 911 alerts the same way you would in the BackOffice with just a few command entries. These links will send you to our Wiki where you will learn how to update your DIDs with our API. 


We hope this post will help you when managing and updating your E911 DIDs. Whether it’s through a BackOffice or API, updating E911 should be quick and simple. Now that you know how to manage your DIDs, try a Titanium III yourself with a free trial! Also, read this post on 9 Features You Need to Manage E911 Numbers to learn more!

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