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Utilizing CPaaS to Improve Mobile Communications

Posted by Natalie DeCario on October 22, 2018 at 6:00 AM
Natalie DeCario

Enterprises wanting to improve mobile communications find a solution in CPaaS.Traditionally, upgrading communications meant the purchasing of new hardware, with an updated set of features. It’s likely that some of those features were critical to your upgrade while others went unused. The choice of a phone system was critical, because it required a sizable capital investment. Today, with the introduction of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), a cloud solution offers a communications upgrade that is flexible and agile, while supporting an increasingly mobile staff.

CPaaS offers a complete platform with software, application programming interfaces (APIs), sample code and free apps. This off-the-shelf solution, like other cloud platforms, comes with support to help enterprise developers as they attempt to create and run new applications on the platform.

CPaaS utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) rather than a landline, creating significant cost savings for enterprises that make a large number of long-distance calls. CPaaS offers voice, video and text with the flexibility too add on more features as desired or needed. In addition, enterprises can add these features without investing in any hardware or infrastructure.

What CPaaS offers: There are many benefits to upgrading your communications, but CPaaS takes it a step further by introducing new opportunities for increased revenue potential. Large enterprises are already leveraging CPaaS to utilize bots that can assist customers with their purchases and improve conversations fueled by artificial intelligence (AI). These features allow for better integration in customer interactions, which results in lower costs and opportunities for new revenue.

For smaller companies: CPaaS is not just for large enterprises. Smaller companies can benefit from the upgrade to the cloud solution and use it to create a video security system or collaboration tools for their mobile and remote staff members. One of the key advantages of investing in a cloud solution is its inherent leveling feature; it offers small companies the same tools and features as the biggest corporations because it is scalable to exact needs.

There are a few benefits to using CPaaS that can help an enterprise, no matter what its size, and support a mobile workforce:

  • It adds fuel to digital transformation objectives, allowing group messaging or video conferencing for improved connection and idea sharing.
  • It allows the company to place collaboration as its central priority, with tools like messaging options related to voice, video and text.
  • Its simple and flexible design allows enterprises to develop new services for staff and customers that are all built on the same platform.
  • Its integrated design enhances customer experiences; all the contextual information, such as past purchases and conversations with the company are all available for syncing during an interaction. The customer service agent is able to offer a highly personalized experience to the customer.

VoIP Innovations is your partner for navigating a communications upgrade with your clients. Whether they are a call center wanting to update their AI technology or an enterprise that wants to introduce collaborative features, VoIP can help you leverage the right solutions to fit their needs. Contact us today.

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