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VoIP Innovations Porting Receives 90 Net Promoter Score

Posted by Natalie DeCario on April 24, 2019 at 11:33 AM
Natalie DeCario

We take customer service very seriously at VoIP Innovations and have a team that's able to support our customers 24/7. One way that we measure customer service success is through Net Promoter Scores, a brief survey that's sent to customers after they complete a LNP with our Porting Team.

The survey contains two questions:

  1. On a scale of 1-5, how satisfied are you with the quality of service you received? (Determines the Customer Satisfaction Score/CSAT)
    • VI Porting scored 4.78/5 CSAT
  2. On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to recommend VoIP Innovations to a friend or colleague? (Determines Net Promoter Score/NPS)
    • VI Porting scored 89.9/100 NPS

Wow, those are some impressive scores!  

NPS scores range from -100 to +100 with the average among American companies being less than +10 (according to a Reichheld study). These scores vary widely across different industries, but companies that score between +50 and +80 are considered high performers. When looking at the telecommunications industry, the average score was +31

VoIP Innovations Porting Team

Here are some of the positive feedback and testimonials shared by our customers:

"Certainly want to make sure that everyone knows that Tim in the Porting Department is fantastic. He has been able to answer all of my questions throughout our extensive porting process and has made me feel that you all are on the ball with getting things done around there."

"The main reasons I stay with VI: 1. Network reliability. 2. The best customer support. Even if I call with an issue that is not a VI problem, I still get direction on what it could be. 3. The website is user-friendly. 4. Price. Please notice how this is last on the list."

"I would tell more people about VoIP innovations, but they are usually competitors. Having great rates from VI allows me to offer my customers cheaper services than my competition!!!"

"Your team is Great. I made a few errors. Your staff walked me through fixing them and redoing the port. Cannot say enough about them."

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