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VoIP Innovations Offers New Project Number Porting Deal

Posted by Daniel McFarland on September 23, 2015 at 10:05 AM
Daniel McFarland

VoIP Innovations offers new project porting deal.If you have some numbers to port, this is a deal you’re not going to want to miss. VoIP Innovations is offering project number porting for anyone who eligible and has 10 or more numbers, for as low as free. You have until October 23, 2015, to act!

Get your Project Porting Deal Now

This deal is great for you guys who:

  • Don't have the 50 numbers that are normally needed to qualify for project porting.
  • Hate the meticulous work that goes with the standard process.
  • Love automation and simple tasks.
This deal will allow you to go through the automated project porting process despite only having as little as 10 numbers to port.

The process is simple:

Denise Breide, VoIP Innovations Project Provisioning Specialist, says, “When all qualifications are met for Project Porting, and a port has begun, all the customer has to do is sit back and check their porting notes.”

If that isn’t simple enough, you can also see the details of your DIDs immediately after porting your numbers in the BackOffice!

Easily manage your numbers in BackOffice.Easily manage your numbers in the BackOffice

We hope you enjoy this deal on porting your numbers. If you want to explore what else you can do with your VoIP services, try out a free trial to our BackOffice!

BackOffice Free Trial

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