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VoIP Technology Can Be Found Everywhere

Posted by Ben Stegner on December 4, 2014 at 2:45 PM

Surely, one of the best measures of how powerful a technology is comes from its widespread implementation. Someone may have an amazing idea, but if it only benefits a tiny group of people, in practical use its impact is minimal. VoIP definitely falls under the category of widespread usage, as it comes up in more places than you think.

Anywhere You Go!

baby on voip phoneTraditional business phones can only be used at the desk they're attached to. With VoIP technology, those shackles are broken and workers can get their calls anywhere. Cell phones deliver in a similar way, but they still require the user to have their physical phone, and can have issues with dead zones, syncing contact books, or other errors.

Retail Businesses

An obvious usage for VoIP service is to replace traditional phones in a business environment. As we've outlined before, it's dead-simple to set up, and allows integration with whatever your merchandise type happens to be, in addition to your existing POS software. Softphones, which are virtual phones used on a computer, are fantastic options for those who don't need phones often, since they reduce clutter.


Healthcare is another industry that has embraced VoIP technology. It's an industry that watches costs by necessity, so implementing VoIP service in place of their regular telephones can cut down expenses in a big way. Long-distance calls are a common occurrence for hospital patients, and they're no extra charge when using VoIP. The additional security it provides is another huge draw.

VoIP, on the other hand, is simple but flexible. No matter whether a worker is home, in the office, or at a hotel, all he needs to do is get his IP phone online and he has full functionality. This brings continuity, which is a desirable trait these days. Learning or using three different phone systems for different times is complicated and wastes time for workers. The usefulness of VoIP being available wherever you go can be summarized in one phrase: it's a single, simple calling solution.

Where does VoIP technology make an impact for you? Make your comments in the section below.

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