VoIP/UCaaS Sales: Why Should Your Prospect Buy from You?

Posted by Stuart Preston on January 22, 2018 at 10:49 AM

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Laptop Work-6.jpgDuring your sales process, you’re likely to get the question, “Why your company rather than your competitors? What makes you better?” A sales rep who’s not prepared for this question will quickly start rattling off some good points: we’ve been in business for X years; we have great customer service; I guarantee my prices. Those are all good answers, but they don’t really separate you, and the rep over at your competitor is likely saying the same things.

The way to really answer this question is by using a tried-and-true technique in sales called the Three Whys: Why VoIP/UCaaS, Why your company, Why you. So when you’re presented with that question, you have a good, quick answer as to why they want this technology, why they should choose your company, and why they should go down this path with you, specifically.

When putting together your Three Whys, consider these points:

  1. Why VoIP/UCaaS: Typically, your top competitor in a deal is the incumbent system, or status quo. Or, you’re talking with an IT manager who has made a decision to replace the ‘phone system’ with a Unified Communications system. In either case, you want to reinforce that notion by answering the first ‘Why’ (Why VoIP/UCaaS) with some key points, for example:
    1. OPEX versus CAPEX: Your solution allows them to decide how to spend their money, rather than forcing them into a CAPEX spend.
    2. Redundancy & Reliability: With redundant data centers/servers, you ensure that their system is up 24/7.
    3. Elasticity and Scalability: A cloud-based solution can grow and shrink with their needs
    4. Flexibility: With a cloud-based solution, they are not tied to a desk. They can communicate from anywhere, anyhow.
    5. Convenience: Making changes to the system is simple and doesn’t require a visit from the ‘phone guy’.

      There’s more, but you get the idea here.
  2. Why your Company: This is an opportunity to tell your company’s story, and I highly recommend to all my clients that they teach every employee their story. You don’t want to bore your prospects to death, but you want them to get to know your business and its culture. Why are you where you are today? What made your founders launch this business? What values do you bring to every relationship? This is the perfect answer to ‘Why you?’ Inspire them to work with you. I used to tell the story of two founders standing out on the Palouse in the State of Washington, discussing their ideas to do big things. People dig that.

  3. Finally, is Why you, specifically...you: You also have a history in the way you approach a prospect and a new customer. Look at the successes you’ve had in putting companies into the right solution for them, even if that took some convincing for them to pull the trigger and spend the money -- it was your expertise they trusted to make that decision with more confidence. Be that resource and let them know how your other clients have experienced great results because of the personal work you put into each and every deal.

VoIP/UCaaS Sales: Why Should Your Prospect Buy from You?There’s a start to the Three Whys. Take a minute and put together your three bullet points to each why: Why the solution, Why your company, and Why you. Next time a prospect asks you, “What makes you guys better?” you’ll wow ‘em with your answer.

Extra Credit: Make sure these Three Whys are in your proposal, too. You don’t have to call them out like, “Here’re my three whys”, but I would recommend including your story as a section of the proposal. I’d recommend including your personal ethic in the Executive Summary, as well as the Why VoIP/UCaaS.



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