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What Are Programmable Numbers?

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on May 28, 2018 at 9:26 AM
Workplace efficiency is no longer defined by the actual workplace. Employee engagement, customer experience and operations are now driven by pervasive business communications that speed up outcomes without compromising quality. This is why programmable numbers are so important today.
What Are Programmable Numbers?A programmable number is one without a dedicated telephone line. These are also called virtual numbers. This means that on-premises telco equipment or phone lines are not necessary. Instead, numbers run on seamless, multi-location connectivity with a host of programmable functions. APIs power the programmable numbers allowing for integrations into software workflows. This triggers automatic call or text notifications.
What do we mean by this?
Think of a healthcare system being able to deliver real-time encrypted patient alerts. Alerts could include patient admittance, transfers or discharges from a hospital. The alerts, via call or text, then go to a selected party (i.e. transport team, bedside clinician, ER physician). The goal here is to improve hospital costs, patient value and quality of care.
What about in a traditional corporate setting?
Imagine a company headquartered in London that also has offices located in Melbourne, Frankfurt, L.A. and NYC. A customer calls their toll-free programmable number and selects option 3 in the IVR for Marketing. The call routes to NYC, where the company’s marketing team is based. The customer is looking for the CMO who is currently attending a conference in Washington, D.C. The associate transfers the call to the CMO whose personal device is connected to the company’s virtual PBX via a dedicated mobile phone app.
Programmable numbers are great for building local presences (work from anywhere with a local feel) as well as remote flexibility for employees. For mobile-based companies, these numbers increase productivity with the promise of two numbers on one device (no mixing of personal and business use). And of course, there are massive cost savings with the elimination of physical, on-premises equipment.
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