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Why MSPs Play an Important Role in Digital Transformation for SMBs

Posted by Natalie DeCario on July 3, 2018 at 1:45 PM
Natalie DeCario

Why MSPs Play an Important Role in Digital Transformation for SMBsSmall- and mid-size business (SMB) owners wear a lot of different hats, and rarely do they enthusiastically embrace that of the digital transformation visionary. Navigating the many cloud tools available for improving productivity, streamlining processes and improving the customer experience requires not only expertise, but also time and resources.

That’s why managed service providers (MSPs) can play an important role directing the digital transformation of their clients’ businesses. As an MSP, you are always up on the latest technology and can envision how a business can experience growth or new levels of efficiency based on the types of technology you implement. Here are a few of the reasons why MSPs fill a need for SMBs:


MSPs see a variety of small businesses. The business owner is an expert at their own core service or product, but a good MSP can see how technology improved a situation or solved a problem at one small company and how that solution can be applied in a variety of settings. For instance, investing in cloud technology that prioritizes mobility is useful in a construction site for helping the client make informed decisions more quickly, but it also serves a variety of other industries, such as a food truck fleet that can better manage its inventory with mobile tools.


MSPs support business continuity goals. One of the mistakes SMBs often make is assuming that business continuity plans are only for bigger corporations. The truth is that many small businesses represent low-hanging fruit to hackers, and natural disasters certainly don’t discriminate between big and small companies.

This is a good initial conversation topic for helping you talk about the value that MSPs offer SMBs. Through an MSP, business owners have continuous backup and monitoring, security functions, and a trusted advisor that can keep them updated on the latest technology and what it can do for their business continuity objectives. MSPs can also offer on-site endpoint backup, managed networking and patching to reduce the impact of any vulnerabilities.

It’s important for you as an MSP to run demonstrations with clients to show how ransomware can impact their ability to continue business operations. Between the financial effects and the time it takes to get access to critical systems, the company could be facing a serious threat to their continuity.


You can act as visionary for digital transformation. Because of your vantage point of having the latest information related to cloud software options for SMBs, you’re able to envision what the company could be with the right tools. Sharing that vision with business owners puts you in the role of trusted advisor as they reap the benefits of the various applications you recommend.

If you’d like to discuss the impact you can have in helping small- to mid-size business owners manage their digital transformation, contact us at VoIP Innovations.

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