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Why Worry About Automated Billing Alerts?

Posted by Lea Chrisman on July 23, 2015 at 11:50 AM
Lea Chrisman

Your phone is on the table 5 feet away from you and it starts to vibrate. You immediately check to see why. Oh, it's just a text from Mary down the street. Her cat ran away...again.

With technology, notifications are a common and necessary part of our lives nowadays. Without them, not only would we not know to keep an eye out for Mary's cat, but our Facebook likes, incoming emails, missed calls, etc. would often go unnoticed. 


Receiving notifications helps us give an immediate response to whatever we were, well...notified for. They are absolutely necessary in order to stay up-to-date on what's happening.

Billing alerts, although maybe not as interesting as Facebook alerts, are also necessary (even crucial) to your business to keep everything running smoothly. 

There are three basic types of automated billing alerts:

  • Payment Alerts
  • Suspension Alerts
  • Credit Card Expiration Alerts
The first type of alerts are payment alerts. They are not only important to the end user but also to the reseller. The second type of alert, suspension, tells a user which of his accounts needs attention. The last billing alert, Credit Card expiration, informs a user when his credit card on file has expired. 

Watch our video to find out more details:



Billing alerts are a vital source to any company. They keep everyone informed, which ultimately keeps the business running smoothly and efficiently.

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