Why You Should Fall for Failover and Forwarding

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on September 22, 2016 at 9:07 AM

No matter how secure your technology seems or how top-rated your provider is, every organization is susceptible to downtime. It’s a fact that unfortunately cannot be denied. Between human errors, system malfunctions or natural disasters, life happens and mistakes are made. For many businesses, this is what makes Failover and Call Forwarding so valuable.

Failover is a method of protecting your systems from failure by automatically shifting operations to standby equipment when the main system fails. For example, at VoIP Innovations, our DID Failover option is designed so that if your server does not respond to an invite for an inbound call, we will automatically forward that call to a number of your choosing.

We’ll only resort to Failover in the case that we get no response from a customer’s switch, resulting in a timeout, or when we get an outright rejection from a customer’s switch. Meanwhile, Call Forwarding completely removes a customer’s switch from the equation, letting the service provider handle the inbound invite and forward.

In celebration of the first day of fall, here are a few reasons why businesses continue to fall for DID Failover and Forwarding services:


  • This is likely the most basic and widely understood benefit, but it is nonetheless important to cover: Failover ensures the quality of your numbers by protecting your DID number from dropping calls. Dropped calls can negatively impact your quality of service, reputability and can even directly impact profitability, depending on who the call is with.

  • Forwarding offers greater calling freedom and flexibility in order to meet your exact business needs and use cases. For example, Unconditional Call Forwarding sends a number to another extension regardless; meanwhile, Call Forward on DND ensures a number is transferred when the original extension is set to Do Not Disturb. More calling options and flexibility means more efficient business outcomes.

  • Failover and Forwarding undoubtedly increase productivity levels within your enterprise. It’s vital that your employees can seamlessly continue important conversations with customers, for example, or that you can keep your internal teams engaged on projects and campaigns.

It’s clear that Failover and Forwarding are two very significant VoIP DID add-ons. To see what we think are the top 10 VoIP DID add-ons today, check out this blog.

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